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NEW FOR 2019! - Rick Clunn Hail Mary

The Hail Mary lipless crank bait is designed to be a medium profile extremely long casting lure.  The Hail Mary is made from plastic with a thin tail profile, and a large belly cavity to contain the weight needed to function properly.  The Hail Mary is available in two different weights, that allows for different techniques and water depths to be fished, using the same profile lure. 

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The new RC2 rattle version features the same flat head and wide body that gave the original lure a wider wobble that’s alluring to fish. In addition, those same features get the lure through cover without hanging up. Handpicked by 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Rick Clunn, the Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbaits are quality lures that consistently produce regardless of the fads that come and go in fishing. Bass will always chase baitfish, and the Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbaits deliver a realistic, silent (no-rattles) presentation second-to-none in shallow waters. Available in an array of proven colors, Rick Clunn also wanted to offer the Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbait at a price that the everyday angler could afford and justify spending.

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The RC STX floating and suspending baits by 4x Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn are the hottest jerkbaits on the market. Available in suspending and floating versions, the RC STX offers the ultimate jerkbait for fish attraction. Suspending perfectly at rest like a real baitfish, the RC STX delivers erratic, darting action, and an advanced weight transfer system for extended casting range. The RC STX has an amazing ability to suspend perfectly on the pause. The RC Floating STX bait dives 5-7 feet under the surface, and will dart or dive with a twitch of the rod. All STX baits feature etched scale and gill patterns, 3D eyes and Rick Clunn’s handpicked colors.

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Rick Clunn’s hottest lure, the RC Freak is available in three versions that reach different dive depths. Uniquely different, the Freak has a flat tail and a bill that comes straight out of the body, allowing it to be thrown further and subsequently dive deeper and stay in the strike zone longer. The extra long bill design reduces cranking resistance and minimizes snags, perfect for navigating the rough stump fields and around timber, rocks or any other cover. As the Freak bounces and moves through the water, its alluring rattle tempts fish to strike.

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Four-time Bassmaster Classic champion, Rick Clunn, has teamed up with Luck-E-Strike to help develop the Luck E Strike Tickster Spinnerbait. Clunn is a firm believer that a spinnerbait’s blades need to displace water that is equivalent to the bulk of the spinnerbait, and Rick's Long Drop Blades achieve this proper water displacement. Besides the blades, the Trickster Spinnerbait features a realistic minnow head, and is backed with a super sharp Gamakatsu hook as well. Available in several color combinations to best match the conditions that you may face, the Luck-E-Strike Trickster Spinnerbait offers innovative performance.

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Designed by BASS Elite Series Pro, Rick Clunn, the Luck-E-Strike Trickster 2 Vibrating Jig is what Rick used to secure his victory at the 2016 BASS Elite Series Event on the St. Johns River, Florida.  The Trickster 2 incorporates an oversized flexible lip attached to a free-swinging head and hook, which produces tremendous vibration and a much higher fish retention ratio. 

Built with a free-flowing living rubber skirt along with an extra wide gab hook that features a screw-lock system, it provides anglers with a weedless swim jig and a lipped vibrating bait all in one package.  Responsible for one of the most historic wins in recent fishing history, the Luck-E-Strike Trickster 2 is available in a range of classic colors and should be making its way into your tackle box soon.