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Drop Dead Craw

The Drop Dead Craw has a stop and go motion generated by its boot tail feet. This inconsistent motion leads to a more natural life like appearance when fished through the water.


Soft, supple, writhing action and vibrant colors help con the fish by the one and only Con-Man soft plastic bait. Fish the Con-Man on a lead head or texas rigged and watch it perform.

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Pow Stick

The Pow Stik fits the bill as an extremely versatile soft plastic. Named after Chris Lane's trademark POW exclamation when catching a keeper, the POW Stiks are as versatile as Chris. Whether fished wacky style, texas rigged or as a soft stik bait, the Pow Stik finishes first. Make yourself a more versatile fisherman with the Pow Stik.

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Luck E Twitch

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Luck E Swim

It's a swim bait... it's a trailer... it's perfect on an umbrella rig. What else could you want. Works great with the Trickster 2.

Fast Lane Tube

The Fast Lane Tube was designed by 2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion Chris Lane. Lane used the Fast Lane Tube in Black Neon Chartreuse to carry him to victory at the 2012 Classic on Louisiana’s Red River. Targeting Hyacinth mats, Lane flipped and pitched the Fast Lane. According to Lane, “In the stained water, the internal laminate coloring provided extra flash on the fall that draws strikes!”

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The Ringmaster Creature Bait boasts the action of our popular Ringworm but with tighter and deeper rings that will trap and release air bubbles while increasing vibration and water displacement. In addition, the bait boasts a wide body, multiple writhing tails and proven fish catching colors. It’s the perfect flippin lure! Whether you are flippin bushes, weeds or tossing it to bedding fish, the Ringmaster will increase your catch every time.

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Frantic FRog

The Frantic Frog has a flat profile that mimics a frog or bait fish. This shape allows the Frantic Frog to easily come to the surface for top water fishing. The over sized paddle feet create a bubbling thrashing sound on the waters surface drawing in strikes from fish that are yards away.

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Sneaky Snake

Alluring movement makes the Sneaky Snake 11" soft plastic bait ideal for catching big lunkers. There isn't a monster bass out there that won't hit the Sneaky Snake and its extra long undulating tail. The Sneaky Snake features colorful reformulated plastic to give big bass a reason to hit and hang on!

Original Ringer

The Luck-E-Strike Original Ringer is a favorite to many professional anglers. It is made of a super soft plastic and filled with salt so fish bite and don’t let go. The Ringer features rings from its nose to tail that release bubbles as it falls through the water. The action created by the rings and the bubbles catch the eye of nearby bass. The worm also features a large ribbon tail that creates water movement and a unique action.

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Baby Huey

With the Baby Huey, bass strike and won’t let go. This segmented worm has striking visual appeal and its oversized paddle tail produces a ton of action.

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Based on the original Ringworm design created by John Hendricks Sr. in 1972, the 4” Ringworm has a ringed design and a curl tail that creates vibrations in the water to attract bites. The baits are excellent at drawing in freshwater fish.