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When the fish are shallow and chasing bluegills, crawfish or shad, the Shallow Smoothy fills the bill with colors to match all these situations. The Shallow Smoothy runs about 3 to 6 feet in depth depending on line weight. Like the entire Smoothy line it runs with a tight smooth action that perfectly imitates a bait fish. To top it o the Smoothy is finished with our DuraLure top coat formula. The Aqua 3D finish provides glitter enhancers suspended in the finish for the utmost in attraction.

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Produced with old-school lure designers in mind, American Originals Crankbaits feature traditions such as softer plastic, hand-glued bodies and hand-painted finishes. This one-of-a-kind bait offers a straight, tight action. As the name implies, the Deep Smoothy is a smooth running, deep-diving bait with minimal drag and easily bounces off rocks and stumps. Offering plenty of allure, this high-quality, hand-airbrushed finish makes every American Original Crankbait look like a custom paint job. 

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The G5 is a premium lure at an affortable price. It offers a semi-wide wobble, dives quickly and generates excellent deflections. One hallmark of the American Originals series is that they are made of a softer plastic and glued together rather than sonic-welded, as most modern hard plastics are now. The softer plastic provides a duller and more realistic sound and is not as susceptible to breakage or cracking, especially in colder water.

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