Scrounger RC-2 Crankbaits: Designed by Rick Clunn Rick_Clunn Tommy Sanders interviews Bobby Dennis
  • 45 Years of Quality

    Luck-E-Strike has been a mainstay in the fishing industry for more than 45 years, producing a variety of quality lures that have filled tackle boxes all over the world. Many of those creations have become well-known standards like the Ring Worm, Fast Lane Tubes, and the RC line of superior crank baits. Luck-E-Strike is also the leader in fishing kits, allowing you to get time-tested lures complete with the other tackle you need in one convenient kit.
  • More Selection

    In addition to its Luck-E-Strike standards, Luck-E-Strike also owns top performing brands like Scrounger Lures and Nemire Lures. Scrounger is a proven winner, found in many top anglers’ tackle boxes. The Nemire line of lures were designed for coastal salt water, but can literally catch any fish that swims, including lunker bass!
  • RC2 Crankbaits

    The Luck-E-Strike RC line of crankbaits, designed by fishing legend Rick Clunn, includes four new dimensions of square bill crank baits, suspending and floating jerk baits and the Freak Series of deep divers. The RC STX jerk baits are fish catching machines and the best value in the space. The newest addition to the line is the RC Flat with a weight transfer system that allows premium accuracy even in high winds.
  • American Originals

    The American Original is built and designed in America. Although it is handpainted in Mexico, the quality of design and performance is still truly an American Original. These lures give fisherman high fishing quality at a low retail price.